Green Paper

Green Paper - Delivering Safe and Sustainable Clinical Services

A Green Paper on Delivering Safe and Sustainable Clinical Services was released on 10 December 2014 to start the community conversation on the future of health services.

The Green Paper outlined the process to determine where and how services are provided, balancing safety with access, efficiency, suitability and equity.

The paper also addressed issues such as how Tasmania will build an effective and responsive primary care sector to promote wellness, limit the long-term impact of complex and chronic conditions, keep people out of hospital, and ultimately, improve the quality of life of Tasmanians.

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Since the Green Paper was released in December 2014 we have held very positive and productive discussions with clinicians and the community from all around the state on how we can address critical issues with our health system and ensure all Tasmanians have access to better services.

Consultation on the Green Paper has shown that almost without exception Tasmanians know the health system is letting them down and needs to change, despite the best efforts and professionalism of our health workforce.  A constant theme has been the need to get all parts of our health system working together on a state wide basis, which will allow the safer delivery of complex, high acuity services, as well as better access to services regardless of where you live in Tasmania.

Response to the Green Paper: