Maternity Services in the North West

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Improving Maternity Services in the North West

Birthing admissions at the Mersey Community Hospital ceased 1 November 2016

All admissions to hospital for births or other pregnancy related issues in the North West will be managed at the North West Private Hospital (or Launceston General Hospital for high risk patients or through patient choice).

All out of hospital care, including antenatal visits, classes and postnatal care will be provided by both the Mersey Community Hospital and the North West Regional Hospital.

The Tasmanian Health Service has added a low risk Midwifery Group Practice Model to the options available to women, meaning eligible women can receive care with a known midwifery team for the whole of their maternity care – pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal care.

If you have any questions about your pregnancy or are unclear about what the changes mean to you, please call:

  • The antenatal clinic at the Mersey Community Hospital on 1800 940 766 or the antenatal clinic in Burnie on 1800 940 747.
  • After hours this number will be automatically diverted to the North West Private Hospital maternity ward.

Please note, the Mersey Community Hospital emergency department will have no capacity to deal with pregnancy related presentations so if you require urgent care then please attend the North West Private Hospital if you are over 20 weeks, or the North West Regional Hospital emergency department if you are less than 20 weeks pregnant.

All women with pregnancy related issues that require emergency care should call an ambulance on 000.


A new bus service called Hospital Link is available to provide transport for patients, their families and members of the public between the Mersey Community Hospital and North West Regional Hospital. For patients attending outpatient appointment or families travelling to visit a patient in hospital, the return Hospital Link bus trip will be free. Please note this service is not suitable for transporting women in labour.